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Folk Magic-Wild Medicine-Natural Healing

Wild Folk Apothecary

Handmade, foraged, wild seasonal folk medicine, magic & ritual offerings infused with ancient songs and stories from the land.


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BLOOM - Organic Skincare

Healing Balms & Salves

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Foraging, Wild Medicine & Folklore Walks


"In foraging with care and attention we are fostering our sacred relationship with the land."



Essences, Elixirs, & Tinctures

Walking The Green Path

Wild Folk Apothecary was founded in 2022 by Bernadette Smart (now Ashcroft) as a coming together of her years of work with wild plant medicines, nature connection, foraging, folk herbalism, plant (and human) consciousness, and natural healing. Bernadette is guided by the folk traditions of these ancient and sacred lands, and keeps them in our collective awareness through her teaching, healing, and nature work, her creativity through song, writing, and ritual, and in the making of the offerings in Wild Folk Apothecary.

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Ritual & Ceremony



A Love of Green Things

In this episode of The Oracle Podcast, Bernadette speaks to Miriam Ropschitz, founder of Moon Body, of the call to remember the inherent magic of ourselves as human beings in connection with the more-than human world. 


Saining & Energetic Cleansing

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