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The entire Bloom skincare range in a box.


Bloom Cleansing Powder & Mask 30ml


Bloom Cleansing Powder is made with ground calendula and rose petals, blended with British Kaolin clay and colloidal oatmeal. A few drops of yarrow serum are added along with frankincense and neroli essential oils.


This cleansing powder is pure, calming, and a wonderful gentle emollient exfoliant powder which can be used daily to cleanse the skin deeply but gently.


Bloom Deep Clean & Nourish Balm 30ml


Bloom Deep Clean & Nourish Balm is an organic water-free cleanser which nourishes the skin while deeply cleansing and providing a deep and softening moisture to the skin.


It is made using organic oils and butters infused with skin cleansing herbs and essential oils. It will remove all makeup gently and effectively.


Bloom Brightening Serum 30ml


Bloom Brightening Serum is made with the best cold-pressed organic oils, infused with carefully chosen skin brightening herbs and botanicals, and scented only with essential oils.


The oils are deeply nourishing and brightening for the skin, and all the herbs have long-understood skin healing properties.


This serum has the scent of an English herb garden, fresh, floral, and bright. It is lavender, rosemary, thyme, and rose entwined with the soft touch of a summer breeze.


Bloom Beauty Balm 30ml


Bloom Beauty Balm is an organic, wildflower infused, skin-smoothing face balm formulated with herbal wisdom and designed to restore your warm inner glow. This balm has a wonderful skin-smoothing effect, is deeply nourishing and hydrating, and packed with potent skin-loving herbal extracts. Bloom moisturiser (Beauty Balm) has a natural SPF of between 5 - 10 due to the oils and butters used and their natural SPF properties. It is suitable for day and night use.


Handmade using the best quality natural, wild, and organic ingredients, enhanced and potentised with carefully chosen essential oils.


No preservatives are needed in this water-free formula which is whipped into a super smooth, soft, nourishing moisturising face cream.


**Bloom Cleansing Balm and Bloom Cleansing Powder can be mixed together to create a gentle moisturising exfoliating cleansing scrub.


**Bloom Cleansing Powder can be used as a nourishing mask or a gentle exfoliating cleanser.


Everything at Wild Folk Apothecary is handmade using the best quality ingredients, with deep reverence for and respect to the wild.

Bloom Organic Beauty Box

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