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Wild Yarrow Organic Wildcrafted Lip Balm.

Infused with handmade extracts of wild foraged yarrow. Organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil is infused with the deeply healing and rejuvenating properties of wild yarrow (Achillea millefolium). The yarrow plants infused into this balm are gathered by hand from the wild meadows, untouched by agricultural chemicals or pollutants.

I work a lot with yarrow, and her deeply resonant strength has revealed itself slowly and with a stable self awareness and balance I would liken to a warrior of sovereign heart.

I have loved yarrow for as long as I can remember, but the depth of her medicine has only become clear to me after spending so much time in her presence.

She heals on every layer of being, old wounds and new, deep fissures and tiny scratches. She tucks her head below the mower blades and thrives in dry and seemingly inhospitable soils.

It is said that evil will not cross a line of yarrow. She is kind and strong, tough and rugged, but has infinite space in her heart to hear your worries and heal your deepest woundings.

Organic extra virgin olive oil is deeply moisturising and healing, organic cacao butter nourishes and softens, and naturally fragrant unrefined beeswax improves skin elasticity and protects from infection.

This lip balm is completely edible (should you wish to eat it), organic, healing, and feels amazing on the lips.

Ingredients; organic extra virgin olive oil infused with wild foraged yarrow, organic cacao butter, unrefined beeswax, vitamin E oil, organic lemon essential oil, rose geranium essential oil.


All of the items within my shop are made within sacred space in deep reverence and connection. I give thanks to the herbs and communicate with them about what I am making and my intentions. I have built up a strong reciprocal relationship with my local flora over the years and find them supportive of my endeavours to share the mystery and magic of plant medicine with other seekers on the path.

Wild Yarrow Organic Wildcrafted Lip Balm

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