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Into the Underworld Deep Earth Medicine Bundle/Gift Set


To connect with the wisdom and magic of the Earth.


  • The Wanderer - Rooted Earth Grounding Foot Balm
  • Nettle Flower and flint Essence
  • Danu - Earth Ritual Oil
  • Hand foraged Suffolk Flint Stone


The Wanderer;


This rooted earth grounding balm can be used for healing, earthing, connecting to Earth energy, rooting, restoring and nourishing. It contains potent handmade extracts of wild  foraged plantain, yarrow, and comfrey, organic shea butter, and carefully chosen organic essential oils.


  • Plantain (Plantago major/lanceolata) heals wounds and sores of any kind, pulls the energy out and down to the feet, drawing out toxins and foreign bodies stuck within, promoting deep healing, it is said to protect against both snakes and thieves so essential for any wanderer. Plantain is balancing for mucus in the lungs, and is especially effective for this purpose when applied to the soles of the feet or over the chest.


  • Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) heals old wounds (of physical, emotional, or spiritual origin), stokes the fires of warmth within the body, promotes psychic ability and bestows physical and spiritual strength and power.


  • Comfrey (Symphytum officinalis) is a magical healer, restoring the blueprint of the body and effecting nourished and rooted healing. Her leaves and roots are carried for safety and good health while travelling or away from home.


How to use:

For meditation, divination and journeying:

Apply a pea-sized amount over soles of feet, heartspace, and pulse points. Relax and allow the herbs to root and ground you down into the earth, connecting your core to the core of the nourishing and supportive Earth. See, feel, or sense these roots growing and growing, reaching deep down into the place of pure potential and perpetual growth.


As medicine:

Apply the balm liberally to the soles of the feet and massage, and/or over the heart area on the front and back of the body. Breathe deeply, allow the medicine to work on your physical and energetic bodies to effect rooting, grounding and surrender. Therapeutically this balm can uplift tired and aching feet, wounds that will not heal, improves all issues related to feet and a lack of grounding or fear of moving forward, and helps to settle and feel at home in the body. This is a wonderful medicine to use during colds and fevers as a natural support to the healing processes of the body. I put it on my children's feet and it soothes and supports them during times of dis-ease.


Nettle Flower and flint Essence - Transformation - Clarity - Vitality


Essences are little drops of water magic. They are the subtle medicine which comes from capturing plant (and other) energetics in water. The resulting infused sacred waters can be taken by the drop/spray by mouth, or absorbed through the skin, either alone or in other skin preparations. Essences can bring healing to your spirit and emotional body, restoring balance, and affecting deep energetic change.


This nettle flower and flint essence fires up your energy to move forward with sharp clarity and clear, healthy boundaries. Nettle supports creative potential, action, and momentum, shedding and releasing that which has been pulling us down.


The energy of flint is raw and potent, drawing up pure Earth vibrations and ancient vitality. Flint allows us to connect with and create from a place of deep and ancient knowing, with a pure and clear awareness.


Nettle flower and flint essence is for those times when we feel stuck, stagnant, or are lacking clarity and vitality.


This essence is made with pure natural spring water gathered by hand in reverence for the water spirits and their journey. The nettle flowers and flint were infused in sunlight and also under the light of the full moon. The essence is made with vodka and is held within a 30ml spray bottle.


Take frequently in acute cases, one drop into the mouth (or onto the skin) every 15 minutes, until the emotional energies start to shift. To affect deeper energetic shifts take 1 drop 4x daily for a month.


Danu - Earth Ritual Oil


A potent ritual oil to deepen the connection to the earth and dig the awareness down into the world beneath the feet.


You are a being of the Earth and of the body. A being with a firm foundation in solidity and strength, a being with a desire to remember your belonging here on this land, on this sacred green Earth.


The Earth contains the seeds of all things, it is filled with potential and growth energy and it brings all things forth from within. As the physical manifestation of earth our human bodies are both the mother of all things and the birth of all things; a sacred circle of creation, growth, and birth. To anoint the body with intention, to become the earth represented in human form, is to make the self a sacred part of the Earthly realm.


This oil is named for the goddess Danu. Danu was a powerful and fundamental earth goddess, she from which all power, wisdom and fecundity of the land burst forth. She was also a goddess of wisdom, inspiration, and the intellect. Danu was the mother of the gods, the goddess of the earth, as the earth is the mother of all.


To use:


Anoint the wrists, third eye, and pulse points. Allow the intoxicating blend of herbs and oils to draw your awareness down into the fecund wisdom and ageless beauty of the earth.


This offering is held within a 10ml amber glass roller bottle. This is not a fragrance oil (although it smells intoxicating, rich, and deep) but a potent ceremonial oil for use in meditation, ritual, and ceremony.


Hand foraged Suffolk flint


To meditate with flint is to feel the energy of the earth directly, to connect with and hear the wisdom of the ancestors, to understand all that is.


Gift wrapping and personalisation is available at no extra charge with all bundles and gift sets - just add a note to your order.


*All creations are made within sacred space with deep reverence for and connection to the wild.*

Into the Underworld - Deep Earth Medicine Bundle/Gift Set

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