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Dancing with the Dreamworld Gift Set


  • Cailleach Flying Ointment
  • Artemisia Ritual Moon Oil
  • Mugwort Dreamer


A flighty, dreamy combination of ritual moon oil, dreaming and divination save, and a mugwort dreamer to place under the pillow and help the seeker take flight at night.


  • For those who wish to explore the world of dreams and journeys 
  • To open the doorways of perception and see things in a different light.
  • To dream, to see, to divine.


Cailleach Flying Ointment is a potent blend of wild mugwort and wild yarrow, gathered by hand in reverence and then made into an ointment for dreaming, divination, and meditation. This salve deepens the connections to the dreamworld, opens the pathways of vision and insight, and allows the seeker to see further through the veils of perception and vision. Apply to soles of feet, heart space, and palms of hands before meditation, journeying, or before bed.


Mugwort dreamer - it has long been known that a sprig of mugwort under the pillow can give the most potent, prophetic, profound, and wild dreams. Here, wild mugwort is combined with a feather to further enhance the flights at night. Place it under the pillow, or hang above the bed for adventures in awareness and dreamy expansion.


Artemisia Ritual Moon Oil is a blend of carefully chosen essential oils and wild herbs to bring the seeker into a place of devotion and ritual. Anoint the third eye, pulse points, and temples before meditation, journeying, divination, or before sleep to allow expansive dreamworld exploration.


The perfect gift for seekers on the path of expansion and awareness.


Gift wrapping included.


*All creations are made within sacred space and with deep reverence for and connection to the plant beings and their medicine.*

Dancing with the Dreamworld

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