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You are being of flow and change, over half of your human form is water. Before birth you lived in water, only breathing air into your lungs after you arrived here from within the waters of your mother’s womb. Water is an essential part of life, nothing can grow from the earth without it, and nothing growing can sustain life without it. Water cleanses the physical and energy bodies, hydrates and refreshes us and keeps the functions of the organs moving. Only earth and water can bring forth a living soul, for spiritual regeneration cannot be without the immense power of water. Water is the beginning of all things and the end of all things, it is the constant, but it is in continuous flow. Water shows us we must learn to be the still point and also to flow.


Again this element teaches us to value paradox, to see that we can be all things at once, still yet in constant motion. 

Meditation on water, flow, and adaptability - Being able to flow with change and adapt to new things with ease and grace.

Water was your first home in this human form, and returning to her is deeply cleansing and nourishing to the whole being. When connecting with the element of water and embodying all that water is, we return to a natural state of formless calm, powerful clarity, and flowing purity. This returns us to our essential nature of flow; we are deeply and intimately connected to water.


Water adapts, flows through, over, and under any obstacle with grace and power. Water washes away what is “stuck” within us energetically, allowing us to flow with what is and to dissolve whatever is obstructing our path. Water is the infinite flow that moves through blockages and unlocks inner peace and healing.


Find a comfortable seat

Back straight 

Chest open

Spine long

Shoulders back and broadened

Crown of the head lifting weightlessly upwards


Close your eyes and either visualise or feel your spine lengthening, create space between each vertebrae.

To get into your flow is to embrace the element of water within you, to make sacred the element which makes up so much of your physical form, to flow with chaos, to learn to be the still point within the tumult. Allowing the energy of water to wash you away, letting go and allowing yourself to flow with the rapids of constant motion.

Create a water mandala 

Healing mandalas can be used as energetic gifts of beauty and intention. Creating a mandala with crystals, shells, sea or river stones, flowers, herbs, things found at the beach, lake, or riverbank, blue, clear, or green objects, flowing fabrics, glass, sand, anything which speaks to you of water. Whatever represents and invokes the spirit of  water for you can create healing, flowing, or protective intentions when incorporated into a simple sacred ritual. Spend some time mindfully gathering your water objects together, thinking of water and flow and letting go as you do so. Cleansing your chosen objects in clean, fresh water before making your mandala will clear them of any residual energies and bring freshness and flow to your creation. 

Start by placing a beautiful receptacle which represents water to you in the centre. Fill your receptacle with clean, fresh water. Set the intention to connect with the element of water within you as reflected in nature. Send gratitude and love to the water spirits and the element of water and all it does to support you and all of nature. Now start creating your mandala from the centre outwards, allowing the creativity to flow and arranging the objects of your mandala as you wish. The act of making your mandala itself becomes a meditative practice as you allow the energy of water to flow through you and create an expression of your gratitude and love.

Sit with your mandala and feel its energy, let it wash over you.


Offering water blessings to the earth 

Water is a magical element capable of holding memories within its crystalline structure. Water is alive and responsive, just as we are. It is also the only element which can exist in liquid, solid and gaseous forms on our earth. Water is adaptable and malleable, it can adjust to fit its environment, and gives us the lesson that to do the same will imbue us with the flowing and cleansing properties of the water which makes up so much of our human bodies. As you sent intentions into your bowl of water you gave it the energy of your intent, and the water will carry that back to the earth as your blessing and offering.

Taking your bowl of infused water from the centre of your sacred water mandala outside and offering it to the land brings healing energies to all of nature, and acts as a mark of your reverence for the element of water. The water you have imbued with gratitude, love, and intentions is a blessed offering to the spirit of water. You have filled the water with your creative flow and reflected the water within you through your mandala. 

Pour your infused water onto the earth, offering it as your gift of reverence. 




Journaling exercise

How does the flowing energy of water affect the mind, how does the energy of water and flow affect the body? What do you feel when you consciously engage with flow and the element of water? 

What aspects of water and flow are you grateful for? How can gratitude for the ebb and flow of water energy inform your practice of connection, adaptability, and embodiment? 

What ways will you connect with water? What will you assimilate into your daily practice of connection, gratitude and reverence for life?

Write in your journal the experience of these observations.


All elements speak of paradox and contradiction, and the understanding that we can hold opposing ideas in the mind without necessarily being wedded to one of them is one of the keys to expanded awareness. We do not need to choose a side. We can be all that we are, love ourselves fully and also accept the need for change and renewal. We can see the earth as she is in all her wonderful beauty, and still see how she can be freer and more magical. We can be still and in motion. We can be all things and no things at once.

The world of capitalism and patriarchy has disconnected us from what is, and has replaced it with hierarchy and competition, with material things which have and give no substance to our lives, and with myths of scarcity and constant danger which cause stress, fear, and an abdication of responsibility. True contentment is found not with things, but with awareness, a deep sense of personal responsibility, and an understanding of everything and nothing all at once. 

I’m always at the other end of an email for advice or questions, but gently suggest that you return to your own inner guidance for confirmation. This course should help you to establish a nature connection practice and assimilate the lessons and wisdom of nature into your life through understanding the sacred nature of all things. As within so without, all elements are within you and nature as reflections of each other. 

My immense gratitude always to the elements and to nature for her wisdom, guidance, and teachings.

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WATER-TWORewilding the Self
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