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Wildcrafted Handmade Saining Wands


Saining, or the intentional act of purification with smoke, is an important folk practice which helps us to live in alignment with the proper order of things.


This ancient practice helps to remove negative influences from the object of purification.


To sain an object, being, or space is to awaken it to purpose, to bless and purify it and to make it sacred.


A beautifully fragrant and cleansing combination of wild-foraged and home-grown seasonal herbs. Sticks change as the wheel turns, and as I am called to forage different herbs. Feel free to get in touch to find out the herbs in the sticks at the time of your purchase.


**please note that during the winter months sticks are often restricted to or mostly made up of evergreens, as that is what is available. Scots pine, spruce, cypress and bay will make up the sticks during the dark months once all summer herbs have been used. These evergreens are potent, fragrant, and seasonal, and the use of these evergreen herbs are very much connected to the ancestors and to ancient cleansing practices.**


  • Saining helps in clearing space, and is an important folk practice from these ancient lands.
  • Gathered in reverence and connection with the wild.
  • Created in sacred space and infused with magical cleansing intention.
  • These sticks are bound with jute twine, a natural string made from plants fibres.


All of the items within my shop are made within sacred space in deep reverence and connection. I give thanks to the herbs and communicate with them about what I am making and my intentions. I have built up a strong reciprocal relationship with my local flora over the years and find them supportive of my endeavours to share the mystery and magic of plant medicine with other seekers on the path.

Wildcrafted Handmade Saining Wands

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