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Five vibrational flower, stone, and fungi essences to heal the emotional body and connect with the spirit of the wild beings.


These essences can be taken short or long-term, as directed by intuition or spirit, in acute cases every fifteen minutes (three drops under the tongue), longer-term (three drops under the tongue three times daily), used in anointing, added to ritual baths, mixed together or used individually.  

Elderflower and Desert Rose Essence




  • Awakening Inner Wisdom and Manifesting the Wildest of Dreams.


  • Elder, the wise crone, offers her spirit guidance from a place of deep-rooted ancestral and earth wisdom. When I was sitting with this essence as it infused, Elder whispered “lay yourself bare, return to the loving arms of the Earth".


  • This essence peels off the layers of culture and conditioning to allow you to come into a place of deep earth grounding and connection. You connect more and more to the wild, natural soul within and feel an emergence of the true spirit which enlivens your earthly form.


  • All that is not real falls away and you become all that is, connected, guided, surrendered, free, living from a rooted heart, as it always was, as it ever shall be.


Bluebell & Peacock Ore Essence




“I am all. I am whole. I am love.”


  • Bluebell, a beacon of renewal, beckons those shrouded in the grip of depression, offering a pathway to openness, vitality, and liberation from the shackles of the past. Like the emergence of bluebells in spring, it bestows colour and fragrance upon the barren landscape of the soul.


  • For the souls ensnared in self-doubt and internal turmoil, Bluebell serves as a balm, unlocking the gates to self-love and self-respect, dismantling the walls of conditioned guilt and unworthiness.


  • Peacock ore, a companion to Bluebell, clears the pathways between heart and mind, bolstering self-esteem and intuition. Grounding in nature, it soothes inflammation and regulates the flow of adrenaline, fostering balance within.


Fly Agaric Essence




  • This essence is a tribute to the mystical power of Amanita muscaria, carefully crafted to harness the deeply transformative and healing spirit of this vibrantly beautiful fungi being.


  • Wild foraged in ancient woodland, each bottle contains the essence of this revered mushroom, known for its connection to ancient rituals and spiritual journeys. Made with spring water gathered by hand at source.


  • Add a few drops to your daily practice for clarity, insight, vision, and a deeper more resonant connection to the natural world which is your true home.


  • The gifts of this essence are;

Purity of intention

Psychic boundaries


Resonant power

Clear vision


Nettle flower and flint essence




  • This essence fires up your energy to move forward with sharp clarity and clear, healthy boundaries. Nettle supports creative potential, action, and momentum, shedding and releasing that which has been pulling us down.


  • The energy of flint is raw and potent, drawing up pure Earth vibrations and ancient vitality. Flint allows us to connect with and create from a place of deep and ancient knowing, with a pure and clear awareness.


  • Nettle flower and flint essence is for those times when we feel stuck, stagnant, or are lacking clarity and vitality.


Rose, Amethyst & Opal Full Flower Moon Essence




  • I am still working with this essence for a deeper description, but it is a beautiful and open energy which settles in the third eye and allows the emotional body to open into a place of rebirth and renewal. It is a feeling of rebirth from the seat of soul.


  • The roses were from my garden, and the essence was left out to infuse under the May full flower moon, collecting the morning dew and the rising rays of the sun.


All essences are made by hand with reverence. Water is collected by hand from a sacred spring. Vodka is used as preservative.


5 x 30ml amber glass pipette bottles.


*Everything at Wild Folk Apothecary is made with reverence and intention. Herbs are wild-foraged or home-grown, and the sprits of the plants are honoured, heard, and bring their intentions to support the work of the apothecary.*

Vibrational Flower, Fungi, & Stone Spirit Essences - Set of Five

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