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Rose, Amethyst & Opal Full Flower Moon Essence




  • This essence has a beautiful, open and expansive energy, bright like a full moon and an open flower. 
  • The energy settles in the third eye and allows the emotional body to open into a place of rebirth and renewal.
  • It is a feeling of rebirth from the seat of the soul


The roses were gathered from my garden, and the essence was left out to infuse under the May full flower moon, collecting also the morning dew and the rising rays of the sun, whose energies are also held within this tender yet expansive essence.


*I am still working with this essence for an even fuller description*


Flower essences are gentle vibrational medicines which work deeply on the emotional body to effect change and transformation.


To use;


Take 3 drops under the tongue three times daily, add to baths, use to anoint, in ritual, or as directed by spirit.


•Essences are safe for children, offer 2 drops three times daily in water.


Wild Folk Apothecary essences are made with respectfully wild-foraged or homegrown flowers, pure spring water gathered in reverence from source, vodka, and magical intention.


All essences are packaged in 30ml amber glass dropper bottles.

Rose, Amethyst & Opal Full Flower Moon Essence - REBIRTH -

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