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Jasmine Flower & Lapis Lazuli Essence ~ SERENITY ~



An opulent blend of flower and stone spirits, capturing the ethereal beauty of jasmine blossoms and the celestial energy of lapis lazuli. This exquisite essence awakens the senses, inspires creativity, and deepens spiritual connection.



Jasmine Flower is celebrated for its intoxicating fragrance and ability to uplift the spirit. Known as the "Queen of the Night," jasmine blooms release their sweet aroma in the evening, symbolizing purity, grace, and sensuality. This enchanting flower is traditionally used to calm the mind, ease anxiety, and invite feelings of love and joy.



Lapis Lazuli is a revered gemstone, prized for its deep, celestial blue hues flecked with golden pyrite. Associated with wisdom, truth, and spiritual enlightenment, lapis lazuli has been treasured since ancient times for its ability to enhance intuition and inner vision. It is a which facilitates a deeper connection to the divine and unlocks the mysteries of the soul.



Together, jasmine flower and lapis lazuli create a transcendent blend that:



  • Elevates Consciousness ~ Enhances spiritual awareness and intuition, allowing for deeper meditation and insight.
  • Inspires Creativity ~ Stimulates the imagination and fosters artistic expression, making it a perfect companion for creative pursuits.
  • Promotes Inner Peace ~ Soothes the mind and alleviates stress, encouraging a serene and harmonious state of being.



Jasmine Flower & Lapis Lazuli Essence is crafted with ritual and reverence. Each bottle contains the essence of handpicked jasmine flowers and resonant lapis lazuli, combined during their peak energetic phases to ensure the highest vibrational quality.



Everything at Wild Folk Apothecary is made within sacred space with deep reverence and respect for the wild heart of nature reflected in the wild heart within us all.



Flower essences are gentle vibrational medicines which work deeply on the emotional body to effect change and transformation.


To use;


Take 3 drops under the tongue three times daily, add to baths, use to anoint, in ritual, or as directed by spirit.


•Essences are safe for children, offer 2 drops three times daily in water.


Wild Folk Apothecary essences are made with respectfully wild-foraged or homegrown flowers, pure spring water gathered in reverence from source, vodka, and magical intention.


All essences are packaged in 30ml amber glass dropper bottles.

Jasmine Flower & Lapis Lazuli Essence ~ SERENITY ~

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