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Heart Elixir

A whole year in the making

Honouring the cycles

The seasons

The storms and the sunlight

The flowering and the fruiting

Honouring the whole

The dark cold nights with the bright silvery moon and the long hot hazy summer days

The medicine of the sharp thorn

The boundaries

The fierce softness of an open heart

As a way to open to love

To invite intimacy

To heal the physical heart

To inspire heart and blood health

A love potion

A creative fire-inside enlivening elixir

An awakening into the rawness of life with fearless engagement

Heart Healing, Awakening & Opening Elixir. Take 3 drops under the tongue as needed, with directed intention, or as directed by spirit.

Ingredients: hawthorn flower, leaf, fruit, thorn; rose hip, leaf, flower, thorn; bramble flower, fruit, leaf, thorn, herb Robert leaf, elderberry, vodka, organic apple cider vinegar, raw honey, love. All herbs are wild-foraged in deep reverence and respect.

30ml dropper bottle.

Very limited stock. When it’s gone it’s gone.

Next year’s is already in the making but it won’t be ready until the cycles are once again completed.

Heart Elixir

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