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Fly Agaric Essence - Into the Sacred Forest


Fly Agaric Essence is a tribute to the mystical power of Amanita muscaria, carefully crafted to harness the deeply transformative and healing spirit of this vibrantly beautiful fungi being.


Wild foraged in ancient woodland under the whispering trees, each bottle contains the essence of this revered mushroom, known for its connection to ancient rituals and spiritual journeys. Made with spring water gathered by hand at source.


Add a drop to your daily practice for clarity, insight, vision, and a deeper more resonant connection to the natural world which is your true home.


The gifts of this essence are;

Purity of intention

Psychic boundaries


Resonant power

Clear vision


To use; take one to three drops under the tongue as needed. Use before meditation or journeying, to bring insight or awareness to your practice, to focus intention, sharpen vision, or step into deep personal power.


To work more deeply with Amanita muscaria essence, take one to three drops under your tongue 1-3 times a day for a period of 3, 6, or 9 days, weeks, or months, or as guided by intuition and spirit.


To use this essence for ceremony and ritual, take one to three drops before ceremony, meditation, journeying, or working with the spirits of place, animals, ancestors, elements etc.


This essence can be used to anoint candles, talismans, offerings, the body, or whatever else you are called to anoint.

Ask the spirit of amanita muscaria for guidance and wisdom.


Always leave an offering to the fungi being after it has helped you and the circle of reciprocity is complete. Fitting offerings could be herbs, milk, spring water, a beam of love, a song, a hair from your head, a cake you have baked, honey, or something else the fungi being has requested from you.


*all offerings are made within sacred space, with deep reverence and respect for the natural world and the beings who reside there.*

Fly Agaric - Amanita Muscaria Essence

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