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Elderflower and Desert Rose Essence




  • Awakening Inner Wisdom and Manifesting the Wildest of Dreams


  • Elder, the wise crone, offers her spirit guidance from a place of deep-rooted ancestral and earth wisdom.


  • And Elder whispered “lay yourself bare, return to the loving arms of the Earth.”


  • This essence peels off the layers of culture and conditioning to allow you to come into a place of deep earth grounding and connection. You connect more and more to the wild, natural soul within and feel an emergence of the true spirit which enlivens your earthly form.


  • All that is not real falls away and you become all that is, connected, guided, surrendered, free, living from a rooted heart, as it always was, as it ever shall be.


  • As you use this essence, feel the support of the wisdom of the ancestors grounding you in stability and love.


  • Desert Rose Selenite aids in grounding and balancing, activating the root, crown, and sacral chakras, enhancing mental clarity, focus, manifestation, self-expression, and an unlocking of divine will.


Flower essences are gentle vibrational medicines which work deeply on the emotional body to effect change and transformation.


To use;


Take 3 drops under the tongue three times daily, add to baths, use to anoint, in ritual, or as directed by spirit.


•Essences are safe for children, offer 2 drops three times daily in water.


Wild Folk Apothecary essences are made with respectfully wild-foraged or homegrown flowers, pure spring water gathered in reverence from source, vodka, and magical intention.


All essences are packaged in 30ml amber glass dropper bottles.

Elderflower & Desert Rose Essence - WISDOM -

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