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Celestial Bodies - Trio of Ritual Oils


A trio of ritual oils to connect with and honour our three celestial bodies; Earth, Sun, Moon.


These deeply fragrant oils can be used separately or in combination, to balance the earth, sun and moon aspects within the self, as guided by spirit.


To use;


Anoint pulse points, temples, and third eye, relax, breathe slowly and deeply and allow the herbs to open the doorways of perception and healing. During meditation these oils are particularly helpful for seeking answers, connection, and healing.


Each offering is held within a 10ml amber glass roller bottle.


Gift wrapping and personalisation is available at no extra charge, just add a note to your order.


More information about the goddesses these oils are named for and the oils themselves is found below;


  • Three goddesses; Artemisia of the watery moon, Danu of the deep dark earth, and Áine of the summer and the fiery sun. Three aspects represented by carefully selected wild foraged magical herbs.

Danu - Earth Ritual Oil


A potent ritual oil to deepen the connection to the earth and dig the awareness down into the world beneath the feet.


You are a being of the Earth and of the body. A being with a firm foundation in solidity and strength, a being with a desire to remember your belonging here on this land, on this sacred green Earth.


The Earth contains the seeds of all things, it is filled with potential and growth energy and it brings all things forth from within. As the physical manifestation of earth our human bodies are both the mother of all things and the birth of all things; a sacred circle of creation, growth, and birth. To anoint the body with intention, to become the earth represented in human form, is to make the self a sacred part of the Earthly realm.


This oil is named for the goddess Danu. Danu was a powerful and fundamental earth goddess, she from which all power, wisdom and fecundity of the land burst forth. She was also a goddess of wisdom, inspiration, and the intellect. Danu was the mother of the gods, the goddess of the earth, as the earth is the mother of all.


To use; anoint the wrists, third eye, and pulse points. Allow the intoxicating blend of herbs and oils to draw your awareness down into the fecund wisdom and ageless beauty of the earth.


This offering is held within a 10ml amber glass roller bottle. This is not a fragrance oil (although it smells intoxicating, rich, and deep) but a potent ceremonial oil for use in meditation, ritual, and ceremony.


Áine – “The Light Returns” – Ritual Sun-Fire Oil for meditation, anointing, and making light.


St. John’s wort, Hypericum perforatum, holds the energy of midsummer, she has the power to relieve pain on all levels of being, restoring the sunshine to your existence.


Áine is the radiant goddess of summer, love, wealth, and sovereignty, and is also known as the Queen of the Fairies and Áine Chlair (Áine of the Light). Midsummer rituals in her honour were performed, and ashes from ceremonial fires spread onto the fields, ensuring fertility and an abundance of crops.


St. John's Wort is one of the most important magical and medicinal herbs in the history of herbal medicine. Her time of full, bright flowering coincides with the peak of the midsummer sun, which is why she has long held a sacred place as a herb of the summer solstice. Her joyous yellow flowers mimic little suns, and her deep red-orange oil is representative of blood, the water of life.


Sprigs of St.John’s wort were sometimes burned on ceremonial bonfires at solstice-time, or hung at thresholds for protection.St. John's Wort is a gentle and cleansing tonic for the whole body, strengthens and regulates the metabolism and gently stimulates the digestive system and helps to clear out metabolic waste. This herb has a sedative, calming effect on the nervous system.


Historically this herb has been used to great effect to treat migraines and headaches, and a little of this infused oil rolled on to the temples will bring relief to sufferers. Hypericum is also well known for bringing healing to those experiencing anxiety, melancholy, irritability, and a generally nervous disposition.Herbs are well absorbed intradermally (through the skin), so the medicinal and magical properties of this herb can be accessed through the application an infused oil such as this.


Used in meditation, ritual or as an anointing oil, the wonderful fragrance of the essential oils combined with the transformative and potent magic of St. John’s Wort open us up to deeper levels of awareness and connection.Wild foraged magical uplifting St. John’s Wort is double infused into cold-pressed organic oils and combined with specially selected fire element essential oils to stoke the fires in your heart and belly.

Artemisia - Ritual Flying Oil


This is a potent ritual oil of double infused wild foraged mugwort and home grown lavender which will open the doorways of perception and the dreamworld and guide you to a different, more expansive state of being.


It’s made with wild foraged mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) and home grown lavender infused organic cold-pressed sunflower oil and a deep, warm blend of essential oils. I’ve added a raw shungite stone and a leaf of dried silvery mugwort to the vial for their added expansive properties.


Fragrant Artemisia vulgaris opens up the pathways of perception and intuition. Mugwort is a sacred herb of cleansing, healing and divination, and was often used magically for her gifts of sight and lucid dreaming. Mugwort is also a reliever of pain and a calmer of nerves. Lavender is associated with love, protection, prosperity, dreaming, and deepened perception.


She has a wide ranging history of magical, medicinal, and skincare usage and her aroma transfers so well to the infused oil, adding a heady and nostalgic scent to this creation. Used in meditation or ritual as an anointing oil or rolled on to pulse points and third eye before sleep this potent oil has powerful properties which open the mind and expand the consciousness into the realms beyond the physical.


This is not a perfume oil but a ritual oil intended for use during meditation, divination, dreamwork, and to aid in lucid dreaming and astral travel. It smells dark, heady, earthy, and spicy.


All of the items within my shop are made within sacred space in deep reverence and connection. I give thanks to the herbs and communicate with them about what I am making and my intentions. I have built up a strong reciprocal relationship with my local flora over the years and find them supportive of my endeavours to share the mystery and magic of plant medicine with other seekers on the path.

Celestial Bodies - Trio of Ritual Oils

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