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Bluebell & Peacock Ore Essence


“I am all. I am whole. I am love.”

•Bluebell, a beacon of renewal, beckons those shrouded in the grip of depression, offering a pathway to openness, vitality, and liberation from the shackles of the past. Like the emergence of bluebells in spring, it bestows colour and fragrance upon the barren landscape of the soul. For the souls ensnared in self-doubt and internal turmoil, Bluebell serves as a balm, unlocking the gates to self-love and self-respect, dismantling the walls of conditioned guilt and unworthiness.

•Peacock ore, a companion to Bluebell, clears the pathways between heart and mind, bolstering self-esteem and intuition. Grounding in nature, it soothes inflammation and regulates the flow of adrenaline, fostering balance within.

•This essence communicates the message;

"I am all. I am whole. I am love."

•Flower essences are gentle vibrational medicines which work deeply on the emotional body to effect change and transformation.

•Take 3 drops under the tongue three times daily, add to baths, use to anoint, in ritual, or as directed by spirit.

•Essences are safe for children, offer 2 drops three times daily in water.

•Wild Folk Apothecary essences are made with respectfully wild-foraged or homegrown flowers, pure spring water gathered in reverence from source, vodka, and magical intention. All essences are packaged in 30ml amber glass dropper bottles.

Bluebell & Peacock Ore Essence -WHOLENESS-

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