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Bloom Brightening Serum is made with the best cold-pressed organic oils, infused with carefully chosen skin brightening herbs and botanicals, and scented only with essential oils.

•The oils are deeply nourishing and brightening for the skin, and all the herbs have long-understood skin healing properties.

•This serum has the scent of an English herb garden, fresh, floral, and bright. It is lavender, rosemary, thyme, and rose entwined with the soft touch of a summer breeze.

•To use: after cleansing and drying the skin, add 2-3 drops of Bloom serum to the palms, rub gently to distribute, then gently press the palms over the face and neck, inhaling the scents of the herbs as you do so. Allow yourself to be transported to a wild herb meadow, just for a moment.

•There are no preservatives (except the natural properties of the essential oils and herbs) in this serum, it is a water-free formula so needs no extra preservation and will keep well for over a year.

•Allow the serum to sink into the skin for a few minutes before applying Bloom Beauty Balm.

•Everything at Wild Folk Apothecary is made within sacred space with deep reverence for and respect to the wild.

Bloom Skin Brightening Serum

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