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Rewilding the Self – Foundations of Nature Connection.

A course to reconnect and rewild, rediscovering and remembering the path of resonance with nature through simple practices which connect.


Rewilding the Self is about returning to the natural, deep connections we all have with nature, with ourselves, and with each other. It is about remembering and understanding the human self as an interconnected piece of nature, equal to all beings; plant, fungi, animal, insect, microbe, river, and rock.


Through a series of tutorials and simple practices I will guide you in your remembering and reclamation of your place as a part of the community of nature. This course will empower you to learn through understanding and reconnecting to the innate power and responsibility held within you.This course is split into the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. These elements form a sacred circle in which and through which we will explore nature, the body, the self, and the interconnections between them.


Each element section contains three audio recordings of the practices and journalling exercises. After each audio, allow the practice to assimilate fully into your being, taking time to pay attention to the changes you have created. Do not rush through the sections but instead allow at least a day between each practice.


You can repeat each audio as you wish over this time, and indeed for as long as you wish, some may become regular for you, some may not. Write in your journal any insights you have gained through the practice. Go outside, consciously connect with the element you are working with, and notice how you feel.


It is always a good idea to record your experiences in your journal, as you can return to this record and observe how your practice develops over time.




Over the past fifteen years I have been committed to walking the path back home to myself, and have explored and collected many practices and learnings which have helped me to connect with my body, my environment, and my awareness of nature as the answer to all questions, the beginning, the end, and all things in between.


I bring together my learnings in Nature Resonance Medicine, my research into human-nature connection for an MA, many years of teaching and practicing yoga and meditation, studies in herbal medicine, wild, holistic, and vitalist nutrition, body work, iridology, natural healing protocols, and energy work to create a course which is both empowering and grounding and will introduce you to the wisdom of nature and the unwavering support and guidance she offers to all who humbly seek her communion.


These lessons are a guide to personal awakening. They are designed to expand your awareness of yourself as a connected and embodied being, and in so doing contribute positively to your life and to your awareness of your place as a free, responsible, connected Being of Nature.Through the explorations of the elements we will lay the foundations of a nature connection practice, which can open you up to healing, enlivening, awakening, profound and humbling experiences. Finding always the sacred in the ordinary, and the ordinary in the sacred.


Bernadette x

Rewilding the Self – foundations of nature connection (EARTH)

You are a being of the earth and of the body. A being with a firm foundation in solidity and strength. It is particularly vital at this time that humans remember that we belong here on this land, on this Earth. We are indigenous here; we are natural. Earth is our foundation, the ground beneath our feet; the stability on which we stand.The earth contains the seeds of all things, it is filled with potential and growth energy; it brings things forth from within. The body is the representation of earth in human form.


We hold within our bodies the potential to bring forth new life and to grow while at the same time being our own strong foundation and support. As the physical manifestation of earth our human bodies are both the mother of all things and the birth of all things; a sacred circle of creation, birth, growth, decay, and death.


Drum Meditation and Body scan with Yoga Nidra


Drum meditation links us directly with our real human nature through bringing us deep into the depths of the body, which represents the earth in human form, and as such has the power to reconnect us to the land. Surrendering ourselves to the transformative rhythm of the drum in meditation, we can walk through magical worlds within the imagination and connect with the wisdom held within the body. The rhythm of the drum opens the door to our earthly depths, bridges the inner and the outer worlds, the seen and the unseen, the conscious and the unconscious. The drum is a bridge between worlds, and a powerful tool for inner exploration.sunset, landscape, sunlight


Lie down for this meditation. Make yourself really comfortable and warm, maybe turn off the lights or draw the curtains. The yoga pose Savasana (corpse pose) is the position of choice, but if that is not available to you you may lie on your side in the foetal position. Both positions can be supported with blankets and pillows if that makes you more comfortable. If you are pregnant, be sure to lie on your left hand side. Covering yourself with a blanket will allow you to relax more deeply, as you will not be distracted by getting cold as you sink into deep relaxation. For Savasana lie on your back, bring your feet a few feet apart and let them fall out to the sides, bring the arms away from the body with arms straight and palms facing upwards towards the sky.


Lengthen the back of your neck by tucking the chin slightly down towards the chest, relax the shoulders. Make any small adjustments you need to your position so you feel relaxed and comfortable. Close your eyes. For the foetal position lie on your side, (left hand side if pregnant, right hand side for everyone else), use your arm as a pillow to support your head, draw your knees in so you feel supported and comfortable. Relax the shoulders. Close your eyes. 


Allow this practice to assimilate fully into your being before moving on to the next. Repeat as many times as you like. Record in your journal any insights gained from this practice.

EARTH-ONE (1)Rewilding the Self
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Rewilding the Self - foundations of nature connection (AIR)


Air is newness, inspiration, possibility, the intellect, the power of the mind, and the imagination.


Air is the raging wind, the touch of a soft breeze on your face, fresh ideas, and new knowledge. Air transports your dreams and wishes. It is the vital spirit which passes through all things and gives the kiss of life, moving within and around and through and filling everything.


Air is invisible yet ever-present, it communicates and exchanges with us through every breath we take.You are a being whose every breath connects and exchanges with the natural environment. You are in constant communication and communion through the involuntary act of exchanging breath with the living world around you; a being who is essentially, intrinsically connected with all of nature. This cannot be forgotten in the heart, in the soul, or when we actively connect with and observe our breath.


Almost every aspect of our modern lives seem to have been designed to foster a sense of disconnection from the power of full, conscious breath, and consequently our breathing is often shallow, unfulfilling, and incomplete.


Watching the Natural Breath


A meditation on the ebb and flow and the exchange of energy between inside and outside the body.


In this exercise do not try to change or manipulate the breath but instead drop into a space of observation. See the natural ebb and flow of the breath as it enters, moves, expands, and then exits the body. Notice the way the breath feels in each of these aspects as it travels through the natural cycles of movement.Allow this practice to assimilate fully into your being before moving on to the next. Repeat as many times as you wish. Record in your journal your experiences with this practice.

AIR-ONERewilding the Self
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Rewilding the Self - foundations of nature connection (FIRE)


You are a being capable of infinite creation and destruction; a being of birth, death, and rebirth. Of fiery passions which ignite the soul, and of the light of awareness within the dark of nothingness. Your body renews and regenerates itself constantly. You are the fire in your belly; the result of your passions, the creative source of and for yourself and the co-creator of your reality.


Because fire energy both creates and destroys, it shows us the value of being both creator and destroyer at the same time. In understanding what fire teaches us; that there are no finite things and that everything changes constantly, we understand that the fire within us is continuous, everlasting, and transformative.


Candle Meditation on Transformative Fire Energy


Fire is action, movement, and the breaking of inertia. Without a strong connection to our inner fire we can remain stuck in the stagnation and struggle of passivity. The transformative power of fire can be harnessed to take what you already have and make it into so much more in the same way that fire transforms matter into heat, light and energy.You will need a candle for this practice.Fire teaches us that true power comes from easefully allowing transformation and letting go gracefully, not from fighting, forcing, and dominating.


Allow this practice to fully assimilate before moving on, repeating as you wish. Record your experiences in your journal.

FIRE-ONERewilding the Self
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Rewilding the Self - foundations of nature connection (WATER)


You are being of flow and change, over half of your human form is water. Before birth you lived in water, only breathing air into your lungs after you arrived here from within the waters of your mother’s womb. Water is an essential part of life, nothing can grow from the earth without it, and nothing growing can sustain life without it.


Water cleanses the physical and energy bodies, hydrates and refreshes us and keeps the functions of the organs moving.Only earth and water can bring forth a living soul, for spiritual regeneration cannot be without the immense power of water. Water is the beginning of all things and the end of all things, it is the constant, but it is in continuous flow. Water shows us we must learn to be the still point and also to flow. Again this element teaches us to value paradox, to see that we can be all things at once, still yet in constant motion.


Meditation on Water, Flow, and Adaptability


Water was your first home in this human form, and returning to her is deeply cleansing and nourishing to the whole being. When connecting with the element of water and embodying all that water is, we return to a natural state of formless calm, powerful clarity, and flowing purity. This returns us to our essential nature of flow; we are deeply and intimately connected to water.


Water adapts, flows through, over, and under any obstacle with grace and power. Water washes away what is “stuck” within us energetically, allowing us to flow with what is and to dissolve whatever is obstructing our path. Water is the infinite flow that moves through blockages and unlocks inner peace and healing.


To get into your flow is to embrace the element of water within you, to make sacred the element which makes up so much of your physical form. The water within you reflects the water in the world around you, you share the same qualities. You can embody the fierce power water, the overwhelming torrent which can move anything in your way. You are a power that can overcome all.


Water Meditation


Allow this practice to assimilate into your being before moving on to the next, repeating as desired. Record in your journal any insight you have gained.

WATER-ONE (1)Rewilding the Self
00:00 / 14:37



All elements speak of paradox and contradiction, and the understanding that we can hold opposing ideas in the mind without necessarily being wedded to one of them is one of the keys to expanded awareness. We do not need to choose a side. We can be all that we are, love ourselves fully and also accept the need for change and renewal. We can see the earth as she is in all her wonderful beauty, and still see how she can be freer and more magical. We can be still and in motion. We can be all things and no things at once.


The world of capitalism and patriarchy has disconnected us from what is, and has replaced it with hierarchy and competition, with material things which have and give no substance to our lives, and with myths of scarcity and constant danger which cause stress, fear, and an abdication of responsibility. True contentment is found not with things, but with awareness, a deep sense of personal responsibility, and an understanding of everything and nothing all at once. 


This course should help you to establish a nature connection practice and assimilate the lessons and wisdom of nature into your life through understanding the sacred nature of all things. As within so without, all elements are within you and nature as reflections of each other. My immense gratitude always to the elements and to nature for her wisdom, guidance, and teachings. Life is sacred. Death is sacred. Nature is sacred. You are sacred. All is sacred.


The audios contain original music composed by Nigel Ashcroft.

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