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Bernadette Ashcroft

Reclaiming and reconnecting with the innate wisdom of our ancient, sacred lands through nature-based healing and practices of reverence, ritual, & remembering.

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I have spent many years walking the path of knowledge, many years in apprenticeship to the Bean and Fear Feasa, and many years in apprenticeship to nature herself.


Through direct learning, communication and reciprocal relationship with the elements, the plant beings, the animal guides, and my own inner guides and teachers as well as many teachers in this world, I have developed skills as a walker between worlds, a healer, seer, guide, ceremonial facilitator and connector to the land.


In practice, this work may involve healing, facilitation of rituals and rites of passage, relaying messages between realms, spirit and soul work, land clearing, communication between humans and other beings, discussions with the nature council, journeying into other realms to seek healing and restoration of energies, energetic healing, plant spirit medicine, midwifing the dying, and offering guidance. This can also be the simple practice of presence, sitting with another in support.


Physical distance is not a barrier to this work, as it transcends space and time.​If you are called to work with me on an individual basis, please email in the first instance, to

I founded Wild Folk Apothecary in 2022 as a coming together of my streams of work with nature, wild plants, foraging, herbs, plant consciousness, human-nature connection, and healing. The first visions and dreamings of what was to become the apothecary were shown to me during a journey within the sacred space of my Way of Life apprenticeship.


I call myself a folk herbalist, folk singer, forager and foraging teacher, nature resonance guide, and a walker on the path of the Bean Feasa (translated from the Irish as woman of knowledge or wise-woman) who has completed a traditional apprenticeship under the Fear and Bean Feasa, Alex Duffy and Nikki Darrell.


I hold an MA in human-nature connection from University College Cork, and qualifications in herbalism, holistic massage, nature resonance medicine, yoga teaching, nutrition, and nature healing, amongst other things. I spent over fifteen years living, working, and studying in Ireland before returning to my ancestral homelands of rural Suffolk in 2019.  

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"Bernadette is magical yet on-the-ground practical. Her healings are otherworldly yet very much physical in the here and now. Something happens that is almost impossible to put into words but it helps, soothes, goes places others including you fear to tread. Transcendent healing is what you’ll receive. I love it. It’s like no other. The work Bernadette does is extremely deep. When she shares what she discovered, I’m always astounded by how fitting it is for something that is trying to heal and/or emerge within me." 
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