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Wild Scottish Stag
Nature-Spirit-Land Healing

Reclaiming and reconnecting with the innate wisdom of our ancient, sacred lands through nature-based healing and practices of reverence, ritual, & remembering.

These lands are ancient lands. Our lands. The lands we walk upon are the lives and dreams and wishes and bones of our ancestors, human and non-human, rooted and unrooted.

We can reclaim the wisdom held within the natural world if we can only reconnect, reclaim, and remember who we are; natural beings who have been forcibly separated and disconnected from our natural ways of being.

These lands are our lands. The seas, the rivers, the mountains, the skies, the air, the very earth beneath our feet.

We belong to this land and it belongs to us, as we are one and the same.

This is a time of deep remembering. Many humans are coming home to themselves as natural beings, hearing the hollow sounds of a broken culture driving them from the deceits of industry and progress and growth above all.

In these times of remembering we are rediscovering ourselves as natural humans, wild, free, simple, peaceful, and guided by the great spirit of all.

woman with painted drum in woodland
Bernadette Ashcroft

Bernadette has spent many years walking the path of knowledge. She has spent years in apprenticeship to the Bean and Fear Feasa and many years in apprenticeship to nature herself. Through direct learning, communication and reciprocal relationship with the elements, the plant beings, the animal guides, and her own inner guides and teachers as well as many teachers in this world, Bernadette has developed her skills as a walker between worlds, a healer, seer, guide, ceremonial facilitator and connector to the land. 


In practice, this work may involve healing, facilitation of rituals and rites of passage, relaying messages between realms, spirit and soul work, midwifing the dying, and offering guidance. This can also be the simple practice of presence, sitting with another in support. 


Physical distance is not a barrier to this work, as it transcends space and time.

If you are called to work with Bernadette, please email in the first instance, to

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